Biking with Confidence class at the Cannery

Boy oh boy have we had a wet winter! As of the end of February, Davis has received 20.6 inches of rain and California is officially out of the draught.  The sun is finally making an appearance and this past weekend was beautiful with sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s.


I enjoyed Saturday morning by observing Biking with Confidence a bike education class taught by the City of Davis with bikes provided by JUMP Bikes for those without their own bikes.  The City is taking their class into the community and hosted the class at the newest housing development in Davis, the Cannery. Even though I have been biking for most of my life, it was good to be reminded of the rules of the road.  One rule that came as big surprise to several of the longtime bike riders, is that drivers making a right hand turn are required by the California Vehicle Code to merge into the bike lane at the dashed line. Bikes continuing straight ahead should pass on the left side of the turning cars to reduce the likelihood of a collision.



The next part of Biking with Confidence was to practice bike handling skills, but first our instructors led us through the ABC Quick Check where we checked our tire air pressure, breaks, chain, quick releases and ensured nothing was dangling from our bikes or clothing.



Class participants were given the option to ride their own bike or a JUMP electric-assist bike.  JUMP bike staff were present and had brought 15 bikes for the class attendees to try out.  This was my first time experiencing riding on an electric-assist bicycle and it was weird for about two seconds before getting used to the feel of it.  Once the bike is in motion it is not so different from riding a normal Bicycle.  It was so much fun to gently pedal and feeling the wind blow around me as I cruised down the road.



Davis has been nicknamed the bicycle capital of the United States with the ease of biking on the flat terrain, the city has over 55 miles of bicycle friendly bike lanes and 60 miles of shared-use paths in the numerous greenbelts throughout the city.  With the constant turnover of UCD students graduating and thousands of new freshmen and transfer students arriving in Davis every year, bike education is a continual process.  If you are interested in the City of Davis Bike Education Program coming to your neighborhood send them an email at



I would like to give a shout out to Jennifer Donofrio, City of Davis Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator, for contributing knowledge and facts to this article