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International - Coming from Denmark, Iben became passionate about Davis at the age of ten when she came here for the school year. She had visited her grandmother here before and thought Davis was a special place with the constant sunshine and friendly people. After spending the school year here, the hooks were in and no other place in the world had the same charm. After living in New York state for six years, Iben made Davis home in 1984 and has seen the city double in size during that time. Iben loves people and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of Davis with her international exchange students and tenants who have come from countries such as Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Switzerland, Japan, Ghana, Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Spain, Turkey and Austria.

Bicycles can be seen everywhere and it was the main mode of transportation during Iben’s 20 year career at UC Davis as a budget analyst. Even as a realtor, Iben enjoys a casual bike ride on the Davis Bike Loop with her husband and enjoys listening to the birds chirp along the drainage ponds, watching children play at the parks along the green belt, seeing people jog, and looking at art sculptures scattered around along the bike paths. She will always go on a bike ride along with anyone visiting Davis and with the new Jump bikes found all around, it is easy to arrange. You just gotta ask!

Education is the main industry in Davis. Iben enjoyed working with faculty, students and staff in the Music Dept, Office of Administration, Student Affairs and College Agriculture and Environmental Sciences which ranked in the top 10 by US News & World Reports. Iben’s sons participated in the traditional and alternative programs in the Davis Joint Unified School District which is ranked 2nd in the Sacramento Region. Iben enjoyed volunteering for Willett Elementary School, Davis School for Independent Studies, Holmes Jr. High, Emerson Jr. High and Da Vinci Charter Academy. The California master plan for higher education has been of value to Iben’s family who have utilized the Community Colleges as a path to higher degrees. Iben’s oldest son is currently in the PhD program at Princeton University and the younger is getting ready to transfer to a four year university from Sacramento City College.

Nice Neighborhoods are found throughout Davis and Iben has enjoyed living in every corner of this city. She currently resides in West Davis where there is easy access to I-80 and 113, schools, UC Davis, and the hospital where her boys were born. Iben’s grandmother lived in what is today Central Davis and it was easy to bike to UC Davis to meet up with friends for bowling, to pick up birthday presents at stores in downtown core, or have dinner at one of the many restaurants. Iben can remember when Steve’s Original Pizza opened its first restaurant on F Street in 1978. Iben loved living in Covell park during her freshman year of college. It was the place to be on the fourth of July with the fireworks in the Community park just across the bike bridge over Covell Blvd. It was an easy bike ride to do homework at the public library or Shields Library at UC Davis. Iben has also lived in East and South Davis and found it especially desirable location with her commute to Sacramento before deciding to settle on a career locally. Today East and South Davis are connected with the Pole Line Overpass, and the Dave Pelz bike overpass which nicely connects all the areas of Davis on the Green Belt.

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Iben Wilson

Realtor® Lic # 02002472