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There are many ways of getting around Davis from biking to public transit. Learn about transportation options here.

This blog is an introduction to people moving to Davis from various places such as the San Francisco Bay Area, Europe or other parts of the country and world.   It’s an introduction to the wonderful neighborhoods and businesses that this city has to offer.  Different neighborhoods will be featured and highlight what attracted people here. Whether you’re coming here because of UC Davis, or you work in Sacramento, the Bay Area or in agriculture, there will be something of interest.  Perhaps you are chosing Davis for the great education the Davis Joint Unified School District is providing, or because of the beautiful parks connected to the green belt system allowing for an easy bike ride around town.

The Davis green belts and bike paths will be the focal point of this blog since that is the access point to most neighborhoods, schools and the UC Davis campus.  It is one of the features that has put Davis on the map as the Bike Capital of the United States.  The bike lanes were created in 1967 and at the time was considered quite the engineering feat to pull off. Engineers went to Denmark to study their bike path systems and eventually other cities have followed suit after the proven success of biking in Davis.

Known for its small-town feel and famous for the world-class University of California, Davis is a progressive and family-oriented city located in Yolo County. The high ratio of students to residents gives a youthful and artsy vibe to the area. Residents love Davis for its convenience, sense of community, and friendly atmosphere.

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